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My Life: Mr Aidil


I ride my motorcycle to college that took 30minutes to arrive..
I come to class everyday to learn and study..
I do homework, rest, eat, loitering around..

There's the time of happiness and also there's the time of sadness.

IM Stress of not finishing the assignment asked by lecturer on the time..
IM Stress of not having money to pay for all the fees..
IM Stress of friends who are not so called "friends"..

BUT, I still come to college and repeating it everyday.

I know, thats what people say
"Life Of A Student"
I know, not all the problem are big problem.
I know the problem will just fade away..

There's a lot of people around us.
What about them?
What life do they having?

Each one of them, has their own problem, with their own stories behind it..

So look around us..and think..

Someone had ask me a question.

She ask "What are you doing right now?"
Quickly as thunder,my brain thinking of all stuff,wanting to say all w…

About Me: Introduction of the Kingdom

Well since i dont post anything,

and i dont want to go all berserk, rampaging talking crap and all that, for beginner, lets start with a little bit of introduction. Even books have it. So why dont the blog,right?

My name?

My brother (the one who support me doing this) ask me to think of a name..a web name, disguise name or some name used which is not the real name. It took a whole day to think and in the end,my brain cannot come up with something. So i just use my real name which is Aidil.See? Easy. No need to think for a week to find a name.

What i do?

If im working,i dont think i can do this blog, writing it, manage it and spend hours in front the laptop.In simple word, im a student.Where? What course im in? Do people want to know that? 20% might just want to know for fun while the other 80% dont give a sh*t.haha

Ops..wrong word to use as the 1st impression,well who care. more will come after this. :p

Why im here? something that is hard to say. Im here because i want to improve my …

Welcome Me!

I just created this stuff.
Dont know just bored so accidentally i created this blog. (like that true)

Still dont know what i should write in here,but i know,i will write a lot after this.
these stuff about html, stories,finding friends,editting stuff really makes my head spinning.
Too much work for a newbie.

My english is really bad,i even dont know simple grammar.just forgive me if i write wrongly..which is,i am writing wrongly,err i guess. write doesnt sound right.right? nevermind

So,this is it! i have a blog. i have a blog. head... @_@