About Me: Introduction of the Kingdom

Well since i dont post anything,

and i dont want to go all berserk, rampaging talking crap and all that, for beginner, lets start with a little bit of introduction. Even books have it. So why dont the blog,right?

My name?

My brother (the one who support me doing this) ask me to think of a name..a web name, disguise name or some name used which is not the real name. It took a whole day to think and in the end,my brain cannot come up with something. So i just use my real name which is Aidil.See? Easy. No need to think for a week to find a name.

What i do?

If im working,i dont think i can do this blog, writing it, manage it and spend hours in front the laptop.In simple word, im a student.Where? What course im in? Do people want to know that? 20% might just want to know for fun while the other 80% dont give a sh*t.haha

Ops..wrong word to use as the 1st impression,well who care. more will come after this. :p

Why im here?

This..is something that is hard to say. Im here because i want to improve my english writing skill and learn new things in my life..
well it does sound like im lying..u can trust me or not.its up to u.

Finally..what my aim here?

Hm..aim. i saw all blogger have their aim in their blogs. Some aim for profit, while others just for personal gain. I think this blog aim will be my personal blog. Thats why i choose the title like that..err plus there's no other idea for the title to begin with.huhu

Thats all for intro.

After this,i'll start my stories..wait for it.
Well i dont think there's a single living soul know about this blog other than my brother.haha
I still dont start with the promotion stuff. promote my blog to others? its a looong way to go.


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