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Different World We Live

Today i got my midsemester examination result.
I just want to point out my most unexpected result which is the Physics subject because i got A in it. :)

Seriously,im not that smart student. In class i dont even understand what my lecture teach 100%. Plus, im also working as a part time in some places. I work part time from 6pm until 10.30pm,then i ride back home untill 11pm. After that, thats the time i have to study, doing homework not to mention writing THIS blog.huuh

The point is, i really not expect that i can get A. Really. I was very happy+shocked when my friends said, "Hey u ot A in physics" I said "Huh? Me? Seriously?" Hahaha. I dont believe it because in my class, the lecture already told all the members that there's only 2 person got A and 4 person got B+. I think at that time i was in the B+ group. But A? Wow..haha

Im not saying that Im brag about it. I think i deserve it a little. You can see why people like me, who dont have many time to study ca…

TIME Traveller


Its been ages sinceI last write here. My schedule of studying is really packed right now,so i dont have the time to write plus i dont even have a topic to say.

I can just ignore writing here and make this blog my 4th blog that i created just for fun and then after 2-3 post,it will be buried down into the depth of google search traffic.
BUT Im not going to do that.This is my last blog that i will created,no more after this. So i have to write something so that I will think that this blog is alive..

Back to the title,well its not about the time traveller stories like Back To The Future that i watched when i was a kid or any other stories around that genre. Its more sentimental topic that just come out from my mind after i chat with my old friends.

For a lover who get dumped, people will always said, Its ok,TIME will heal the wound.
For a person having great memories, he'll said I'll remember this TIME for the rest of my life. You get the point? Good.

In this world,there's pe…