Different World We Live

Today i got my midsemester examination result.
I just want to point out my most unexpected result which is the Physics subject because i got A in it. :)

Seriously,im not that smart student. In class i dont even understand what my lecture teach 100%. Plus, im also working as a part time in some places. I work part time from 6pm until 10.30pm,then i ride back home untill 11pm. After that, thats the time i have to study, doing homework not to mention writing THIS blog.huuh

The point is, i really not expect that i can get A. Really. I was very happy+shocked when my friends said, "Hey u ot A in physics" I said "Huh? Me? Seriously?" Hahaha. I dont believe it because in my class, the lecture already told all the members that there's only 2 person got A and 4 person got B+. I think at that time i was in the B+ group. But A? Wow..haha

Im not saying that Im brag about it. I think i deserve it a little. You can see why people like me, who dont have many time to study can achieve very well in the examination. I wrote this so that you can learn that there's always a way for you in your life. I come from a not-so-rich family. I had to work to get money to support my studies. Its really a hard life for me at this time, yet i dont use that as my excuse to not to get good result. I study hard for it and i get it. Thanks to God and my friends who teach me.

I said 2 people right get A? Want to know about the other one? Its a reverse stories of mine.
He come from a very rich family. He have all he can have. He have car, He have new latest phone, He have mp3 or mp4 i dont know, He live a different world from me. He dont have to work, he dont have to struggle to study,cause he can buy all the books while i just borrow from the library (need to renew borrow every week). Plus,he is the last kid in the family. (Youngest)
He look like a spoiled brat.(haha this i add myself cuz i dont like him a little)

This world is really interesting. You can see two kind of person with different background,different stories can achieve 1 things. Get A in physics.

In real life, this stories happen everywhere..
A clerk who work at office everyday with aircond fullspeed and nice chair with cushion VERSUS a worker who work as a builder,working day and night building at the construction site.
Both of them might get the same payment but each of them do different jobs. Is the world fair??

Finally, A little for you to think about:

What is the differences between the architect and the cleaner?
You get it? Its is the EDUCATION.
Thats why your parent angry at you when you skipped school. :p


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