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New Semester! Last Semester!!

Whoa! Really excited now ^_^
After having a full 3 weeks of holidays finally its the new semester!
Well looking at the last post,wow its been too long since i post it.haha
Reason? IM IN HOLIDAY MODE. haha

Okay,actually when i wrote this post, it is already the 2nd week of my new sem. Well,i still think it is new because last week was so damn bored with nothing happen at all.
Tuesday-should taking the result for sem 2 but still in process
Wed-trying taking the damn result but still in process
Thurs-coming for the 1st class,without receiving result becuz..yeah u know the reason
Friday-lab..since 1st week no lab so its a full free day.
See? nothing hapen at all

With the result still being kept in the dark so many student dont know whether they can still continue with the new sem like normal becuz if they fail certain subject in last sem, they cannot proceed to continue it this sem.
And i would say that im a bit worried of my result. I hope i dont fail the Anatomy becuz i really hate …