Back At Blogging Or Not

Greeting..again, is really really really long time i dont open this blog of mine that i promise to write everyday but now it just become some abandoned blog.


I think i dont want to write it again.
I lose interest in blogging.
I dont understand many things in blog..
I dont have time to update
I dont have reasons to keep writing..



Dont lose hope.
Dont lose to time..
Keep writing..
My brother said,it is good actually, he said,the longer your blog exist, the better because google takes time for it to insert your blog in the google search.
So i guess i dont give up yet..i guess :)

Well, i dont understand some people that really want so much attention by blogging.
They care about how many follower they can have,
how many people visit their site everyday..
chat box that filled with comment,
or their blog reach new rank..
my brother already reach rank 3.

What about ME?
Im just a newbie that not too interested in all that..OR maybe i AM interested,
but it is not right now. I just keep on writing, posting anything, i guess i should broaden my topic in my blog, not only about my everyday life which is so bored or my way of thinking about the world that people might think that im just a retard, hopefully not.

So i just wanna say that now, Im back at blogging.
So let see how many post i can make before i become like my previous one..

thats all.


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