Write in English or Malay?

Greeting,How ur life? Suck? Yeah, me too :(

OK..i have a problem here..
At first, i want to write my blog in English.
Well,it is because of the lame reasons such as
-it can help me in mastering English writing skills
-i can learn more about grammar
-many people around the world can read my blog,
err..if i have people want to read those post.
-many resources are in english,so i dont have to rephrase
into my own language.
-lastly,it is because my brother ask me so, he said
Google want to visit my blog to see whether my blog used
English as main language or not.

But when I start to think thoroughly, I think using my mother's tongue language
is much more easier as i can become more natural in term of speaking what in my mind,
and writing become much much much easier and hopefully it can encourage me to devote myself to blogging

Why i keep saying stupid things? People might ask me this, they don't bother what i want to say, what language im using,plus they don't even care what post i post..
Me either don't care a single damn thing about blog,but my brother keep saying that i should keep it up, etc etc, so i guess im doing this for my brother. Just like that.

So,its been decided, I'll write in Malay as well as English,depending on my mood ^_^

Thats all for now.


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