The Best Manga Download Software

Just a short entry today.. I would like to share this amazing super software with you all.
For those who really love to read manga, or comic just like me, I suggest you this software.
It is called Domdomsoft Manga Downloader!

As you all manga lover already know, Our biggest source of manga which is OneManga had already closed, it become so hard for people around the world to keep reading manga. So, I think by sharing this software it will help you a little.

Some of manga reader love to read online while others like to download and keep the manga. So, if you want to download,this software is the best!!

Download Domdomsoft Manga Downloader HERE

It will update to current manga update frequently

There are 3 website for it to download manga

Search and Click the manga you want to download

Tick what chapter you want and Click download

The software will download your manga automatically


Anonymous said…
Wow! First time I heard of this software *__*
Thanks for sharing!
skycatcherz said…
you are welcome ^_^
Anonymous said…
mangafox is still dr....check it out......2nd to onli now itz d best......

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